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International Freight Forwarding

In our work, we rely on the invaluable experience gained by our team over the past 25 years in the transportation services market.

Our company is committed to high world quality standards in the field of logistics, forwarding and terminal services.

We guarantee impeccable service from our team at all stages of work.

Each customer’s request  is unique. We will provide the best solution that suits your needs.

Railway transportation of containers

Almost any type of cargo can be transported by rail – from bulk materials to food. Modern refrigerated containers will preserve the quality of perishable products and save money at the same time. The cost of transportation by rail is quite low due to the very high carrying capacity.

Road transportation of containers

The major advantage of road transport is that it can enable door-to-door delivery of goods and materials and can provide a very cost-effective means of cartage, loading and unloading. Delivery of goods between cities, towns and small villages is made possible only through road transport.

Air transportation

The main advantages of air transportation are high speed and the highest degree of safety of the transported goods. It is characterized by the almost complete absence of such strong external factors as temperature, moisture and mechanical stress. Perfectly suits for the transportation fragile and valuable goods, they provide the highest level of safety.


Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a transportation of good under a contract with one carrier using various types of transport. The carrier has the right to use the transport of other contractors, but all responsibility to the customer lies with the general contractor from whom the transportation was ordered.

Customer confidence is the most important part of our business.

When you choose our company, we guarantee the reliability and high quality of our services.